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The aims of Edulife Association are:

  • To promote, educate, train, convert and support the insertion of young people and adults on the labor  market;
  • To improve the organization and the functioning of the civil society through identifying and promoting important values​​;
  • To assist and guide companies, NGOs, local and central public administration, as well as any other national and international organizations, in promoting and supporting children, youth and adults;
  • To promote, support, coordinate and implement activities that contribute to the community development in terms of education, culture, environment, tourism, sports and religion;
  • To inform about and to get involved in the solving of issues of public and communal interest. 

Edulife Association is going to provide the following activities:

  • Organizing meetings, courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, exchanges, exhibitions, round tables, seminars, fairs and other events;
  • Establishing and supporting other branches of the association;
  • Creating and managing web pages which will facilitate the contact between young people and their access to database and information;
  • Editing of magazines and informative materials;
  • Supporting and encouraging publishing and editorial activities;
  • Managing and offering scholarships and awards for children and young people with great potential and / or children and young people in difficult situations;
  • Initiating and supporting counseling offices related to the associationís areas of interest for people in difficult situations;
  • Developing projects and programs by accessing public or private, national or international funds, in order to modernize and to improve educational services, professional, social, sporting, cultural, touristic and religious activities for children, youth and adults;
  • Collaborating with other organizations and bodies within the country and abroad;
  • Supporting the children, youth and adults and encouraging their involvement in the educational, professional, social, cultural, tourism, sporting and religious realities;
  • Initiating and supporting projects for new legislation which targets areas of interest relating to children, youth and adults;
  • Affirming and promoting tolerance, active citizenship, equality of chances , participative democracy, pluralism of opinions, assertive expression, free confrontation of ideas, performance seeking, civic responsibility and critical thinking;
  • Promoting and Protecting the Human Rights;
  • Organizing cultural activities, trips, excursions and professional visits, aimed at the development of associative relations with other organizations and bodies in the country and abroad;
  • Making people and institutions aware and responsible of the impact that their behavior has on the environment;
  • Organizing and conducting volunteering and philanthropic activities;
  • Offering support to the vulnerable groups;
  • Restoring and sustaining cultural heritage;
  • Presenting the environmental factors and their role on the environment;
  • Presenting the necessity of identifying the main sources of pollution and finding alternative methods, which allow the diminishing and  the stopping of pollution;
  • Involving volunteers in collecting wastes which have been incorrectly disposed of and are polluting nature.